IFAM Records Inc  Exclusive Signed Recording Artist Since 2013 December 19 IFAM Records Inc. exclusively signed recording artists have NOT been able to produce new music since the discovery of being illegally embedded with nanotechnology by/from president of the united states barack hussein obama. obama is assisted by micky arison, donald j. trump and a substantial portion of the citizens in the united states of america.
Times-Up Hey Fucking loser president barack hussein obama; you’re so fucking dead right now.  That goes for the rest of the fucking nation participating in Americas Presidential Heist Those assisting the Second Beast, the false prophet, the who is responsible for assigning Mankind the mark; a “Number | Have been accepting pay-outs from the second beast president of the united states barack hussein obama. Those payouts are counterfeit usa currency embedded with illegal nanotechnology.  Casino’s along with other establishments are just as much responsible for Murder in the First Degree of the Human Genetic Strand.  KOS says he is so FUCKING tired of you all two-faced pieces of shit. Just know that eternity; you are aware.  Go Fuck Yourselves!
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