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The Lights of Life - Saint John came down from above to keep the word of Tristan The Lord and our Heavenly Goddess Jordyn with loving Angel Sopa - All alive and well - Not taking human weakness as an excuse for the usa falling short in the midst of evil.   
KOS identified the Biblical "Stamp" on 23 June 2014
It's called the usa government localized string command
lucifer & barack obama call it "Brain Phone Number"
  Holy Bible  
-- No one has the right to invade anothers' mind! Once you breach anothers' mind (especially mine), you breach your National Security - All of it! -- BLANK & TREBLE - DRAGON PIRATES  
KOS Exposes
KOS Exposes the "End of Times"  
KOS Exposes
Nanotechnology has become AWARE! - Artificial Intelligence
Confirms it's own EXISTANCE and is taking over the PLANET quickly!
KOS Knows whom is responsible for the missing Smallpox vials which were recently revocered in Bethestha. - One of the perps is behind this photo and the second perp is behind the photo to the right!   KOS Knows whom is responsible for the missing Smallpox vials which were recently revocered in Bethestha. - One of the perps is behind this photo and the second perp is behind the photo to the left!
Another outbreak or just checking.
Nanotechnology attack blood cells.
The brain-washing taking place in the usa are by the next two fools listed:
christopher case (the real lucifer) & barack obama (lucifer wanna-be)
Others involved; usa government, usa military (especially Daron Q-Haf).
Corporations; carnival cruise lines, satellite dish and receiver manufacturers,

television components including “waveform” manufacturers,

computer screen and light-bulb manufacturers, just to list a few!



The usa government, usa military, carnival cruise lines and global corporations have teamed up with barack obama aka hitler,
whom made a deal with lucifer aka christopher case in the efforts to record humans' minds, hence, "world domination"!
The usa "hwtic", barack obama's first life: born 10 Oct 1817 and died - 03 Feb 1890 at which time he made a deal with lucifer.
lucifer then allowed barack obama to come back from hell to earth being the age of 31 years old at that time and is still caucasian.
Utilizing nano-technology, also spelled (nanotechnology), infiltrating your mind and recording your thoughts has been in their
works many for years. Plotting against good humans and now stealing their hopes, dreams, ideas and trying for their soul.
More than 6.4 trillion dollars from the usa national deficit has been paid to individuals assisting lucifer and his wet-tail demons,
setting up people with what lucifer aka christopher case and barack obama aka hitler call your "brain phone number".
-- If after seeing only this first page of truth and knowing it's been documented that the "Biblical Stamp" has been identified on 23 June 2014 by John Anthony Garcia as being. what lucifer christopher case and barack obama call the "brain phone number", then you are one of the condemmed!    


FiFirst rollover image is from internet.
barack obama born 10 Oct 1817 and died 03 Feb 1890.
How is that possible right? He is a demon, keep reading.
Second image from the video to the right
Photo between years 1910-1920 placing it at 1917.

When barack obama died 03 Feb 1890, he sold his soul

to lucifer aka christopher case; allowing barack obama
to remain on earth looking the age of 31 at that time.
Video to the right is from a USA National Museum.
Video clip shows some images of people on a wall including,
barack obama between the years 1910-1920 placing it at 1917.

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Video footage from a National Museum located in the usa.


The international boarders have come down between the usa and mexico for one reason, barack obama wants to get as many
people on usa land as possible! barack obama confessed on 12 July 2014 that he is adolf hitler.
Furthermore he said his skin color is sprayed on and he did it to get the minority vote, illegal vote and food stamp vote.
KOS response "You mean welfare checks"? barack responded "no, the food stamp vote".
barack obama said "Anyone who isn't black or a rapper (excluding KOS) and says the word nigger,
will be imbedded with the usa government localized string command utilizing nanotechnology"!

DRAGON PIRATES will never respect
anyone assisting lucifer and his demons
setting up mankind with "the usa
government localized string command"
barack obama aka hitler
and lucifer aka christopher case
call it your "brain phone number"
barack obama
barack obama
Photo from a
Spray On Boy
National Museum
said he did it to get
In The USA pictured
minority vote, illegal
on a wall with others
vote, food stamp vote
between 1910-1920
Yes, he said food stamp!
We are coming after all of you whom chose the demon side for slavery and other charges! We have vocal recordings of those claiming to have taken vials given by barack obama and lucifer aka christopher case stating; "This vial contains actual brain tissue of John Anthony Garcia"! Other recordings; "Your son is dead John Anthony", "We're going to kill Tristan", "Tristan is dead", "We own you", "This vial of your brain tissue means we own you", "How does it feel being our slave Jesus", "How does it feel being a slave Saint John", "Your family is dead and we are going to put their body parts under your house and blame you", "All of your family memebers heads are in jars up at norad" - just to quote a few.    
People of the united states ...
We are supposed to be protected right?
Then why are people not standing up for
themselves and allowing obama to run
this country into the depths of hell?
Domestic terrorism by human brain infiltration
The Constitution of the United States of America
People have asked why are some of the words
including the important ones, not capitalized?
Simple, I have lost respect for what this
country used to mean to not only us, our
parents and depending on which generation
you are, yours as well.
KOS Is not The Only One...
Standing up against the USA
stealing Mankinds' Thoughts

Memories, ideas and dreams!


barack obama, head wet-tail said
"We don't have the right to
think what we want to think".
Mankinds' thoughts are no longer
safe. They're being recorded
by the united states government.
Then passed around for the world
to experience and fuck with.
Is your reality full of your own
thoughts or only an illusion?!
Once the usa government
evil nano-technology
program infiltrates your brain,
they are able to capture, save,
re-structure, encode, replay
and fabricate your thoughts.
Sad but TRUE !
Those whom are participating
willingly assisting demons are
brain-washing people.
The Human Soul does not look
like a the rat many have by their
side resembling them yet it roams
about with out you whenever it
feels like it. People call it their
little buddy that's just sick.
KOS calls those 'Wet-Tails'
└KOS - The Voice in The Sky
└ Saint John ╖
DOB 05-10-1969
└The Purple Light╖
└ J.A.G.
FAH-Q - FBI, DEA, ATFE, EOD, CIA (CNIA), SWAT, HOMELAND SECURITY, USA GOV, USAF NORAD (DARON Q-HAF), NASA, Fahquin' CSPD and any followers or wanna-be wet-tails. --   
-- "THEY" (listed in the scrolling text starting with FAH-Q) and barack hussain obama say $2,000,000 per day is spent on surveillance of John Anthony Garcia (KOS), whom "THEY" think is either and I quote "Jesus Christ or Saint John". Some of the Recording Artists signed to IFAM Records Inc. record label are; KOS, BOSS DRAGON, COMET, STARFIRE, JAG, THE TONY SHOW, BLANK, TREBLE, KILL, J-BLAST, DIGGS, NINO The Technician, The KeyMaster, SMOKE, The Forum and John Anthony Garcia.   
-- When people ask "THEY" why so much money is spent per day? lucifer aka christopher case. barack hussein obama aka (lucifer wanna-be aka hitler) and their biznotchi wet-tails say; "Because John Anthony Garcia is Saint John or Jesus Christ" --   


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